Study of Differential Ring Opening of Quinazolinespirohexadienones and Their Electrochemical Reduction

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Drs. William Polik and Jason Gillmore

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Quinazolinespirohexadienones (QSHDs) are photochromes that the Gillmore group hopes to use as photochromic photooxidants. Our group has previously published QSHD synthesis and photochemistry, including the proof of direction of photochromic ring opening into the LW isomer. We have subsequently discovered that QSHD opens in the opposite direction upon one electron reduction to form a different electrochromic LW isomer. Computations of bond lengths, bond orders, and molecular orbitals rationalize these results. Prior to publication, further verification of the results need to be performed. This summer I resynthesized additional amounts of QSHDs and overcame impurities in our electrochemistry. Once complete, I will replicate a few key experimental results and we will craft a final draft of our manuscript for publication.


This work was supported by the National Science Foundation under Career Grant CHE-0952768.

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