Student Author(s)

David Blystra
Samantha Hartman

Faculty Mentor(s)

Drs. Deborah Sturtevant and Dennis Feaster

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The HIV and AIDS epidemic sweeping through Africa has taken an especially hard hit on Zambia. The disease has played a dramatic role in this nation’s identity and future, leaving many children orphaned. According to the Central Statistical Office of Zambia, 54.2% of children aged 3-59 months were considered malnourished in 2006. The purpose of this research is to evaluate a community-based feeding program in Lusaka, Zambia for AIDS orphans and other undernourished children. Since it was implemented in 2004 by the Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia (CACZ), the Milk and Medicine Program has provided formula, nutritional supplements, medicine and social work support to over 300 children in this AIDS-stricken region of the world. The longitudinal nature of the data set and a series of in-person interviews with program participants and leaders provided the grounds for a comprehensive analysis of the program and its benefits. The research findings will enable CACZ to adjust and continue their program as necessary in order to fully support these vulnerable children.


This material is based upon work supported by Amway Corporation, the Alliance for Children Everywhere, and The Carl Frost Center for Social Science Research.