Religiosity, Body Image, and Perfectionism

Student Author(s)

Kelvin Peprah

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Mary Inman

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Media images of thin women present a challenge to women’s body esteem. This study examined the relationships among religiosity, perfectionism, basing self-worth on beauty, and body esteem in college women. We expected to see the groups most threatened after viewing images of thin models to be heavy women, women who based self-worth on beauty, and perfectionist groups (i.e., people who heavily weigh others’ opinions of them). Individuals high in religiosity (i.e., basing self-worth in God, high religious commitment) should not be as affected by seeing thin models. We also examined the extent to which people preserved self-worth by shifting importance to other non-threatening domains. We report our preliminary analysis of 55 women from Hope College.

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