An Analysis of the Association of Ethnicity and Religion Among the Holland Middle School Student Population in 2005

Student Author(s)

Haley Lynch

Faculty Mentor(s)

Drs. Lorna Hernandez Jarvis, Brian Yurk, and Airat Bekmetjev

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This paper gives a further look into what aspects of religion are associated with ethnicity by testing whether or not there is an association between ethnicity and how often a person goes to church, and ethnicity and the importance of religion to a person. Previous research conducted on the topics of ethnicity and religion has found what seems to be an association between the two variables. This experiment took that possibility and applied it to the Holland area or, more specifically, to the population of middle school students based off of data collected from a survey in 2005. Two different ANOVA tests were done to analyze these associations. Significant evidence was found to be in favor of an association between ethnicity and how often a person goes to church. There was, however, no significant evidence indicating an association between ethnicity and how important religion is to a person. These results call for a follow up analysis on what it means to be religious for different ethnic groups and how different ethnicities show this importance or if they even feel the need to.


This research was supported by a Howard Hughes Medical Institute grant.

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