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Susan Haigh

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Dr. Anne Larsen

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Slimane Benaïssa’s play Marianne et le Marabout (1993), my primary research source, displays what it was like to live as a first generation Algerian immigrant, or part of an immigrant family, in France. Various secondary sources allowed me to grasp more fully the historical, political and cultural situation between France and Algeria and, as a result, explain the frustration and discontent that the characters in the play express. The social, religious, cultural, and economic conflicts described in Marianne et le Marabout are the root of many problems between Algerian immigrants and the French that still exist today. Benaïssa’s play shows the harsh realities experienced by a first generation Algerian immigrant family in France; yet, their story and others from this immigration wave help one to approach with understanding the civil unrest between more recent Algerian immigrants and French citizens today. The conflict between immigrants and French natives will likely pose a controversial political problem for a long period of time since the complexities of the situation do not lead to an easy solution in French society. However, the relations between individual immigrants and French citizens could be greatly improved with the implementation of artistic activities designed to attract both French natives and immigrants in French cities. Community members would participate in dialogue unrelated to the political conflict and exchange ideas about the arts and life. As a result, the burden of the large societal problem would be reduced and the importance of civility and friendship would be augmented.