The Changes and Remnants of French Influence in Pondicherry

Student Author(s)

Shirly Samuel

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Brigitte Hamon-Porter

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The union territory of Pondicherry in India was colonized by the French from 1674 to 1954. The French transformed the small fishing village into a commercial town. Pondicherry is very different from other cities in India because of its French influence. This research will explore the changes effectuated by French colonialism upon the city of Pondicherry. Along with the economy of Pondicherry, the French introduced religious, social, and educational changes. However, even after 280 years of colonialism, one can only observe vestiges of French influence. After Pondicherry received its independence from France, there were several changes that took place that decreased French influence in the city. This research will analyze the causes for the decline of French Pondicherry.

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