Wadji Mouwawad’s “Incendies”: The Consequences of Family History and Self-Identity

Student Author(s)

Taylor Mann

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Dr. Anne Larsen

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In our increasingly globalized society, the question of identity becomes more and more complex for those with multicultural origins and experiences. Playwright, actor, and author Wajdi Mouawad has grappled with questions of identity throughout his life as he has been displaced from Lebanon, to France, and finally to Canada. In his play “Incendies”, which follows the journey of fraternal twins as they discover the unknown and war-ravaged past of their deceased mother, Mouawad explores the issues of identity specifically in the context of family history. Finally, he shows the power, the ramifications, and the paradox of self-awareness and ignorance: how they can lead both to complete reconstruction of self-perception and to new, liberating independence.

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