Determining Effectiveness of a Discipline Model: Does the Chip System Work?

Student Author(s)

Alison Chatten

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Vicki-Lynn Holmes

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The goal of conducting this study was to determine the effectiveness of “the chip method” on 7th-grade math students. The chip system is a classroom management technique designed to reward good behavior and penalize bad behavior (through the removal of chips). Loss of chips results in a call home. To determine the effectiveness of this discipline technique, a 7th-grade math class was observed once a week for 12 weeks. Students’ reactions to losing chips were noted. A survey was also given to the students in order to ascertain their feelings about the method. These students’ pre- and post-semester grades were analyzed to correlate chip loss and math content acquisition. Results showed that losing chips did not affect their grade. Surprisingly students liked the penal system although they reported that the chips did not help them focus or pay attention in class.

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