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Professor Kyle Morrison

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While it is generally accepted that the treadmill and cycle ergometer are valid modalities of testing maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) in athletes, the reasoning behind this assumption is largely unknown. Numerous studies have shown significant differences in VO2max between various athletic populations due to the demands of their sport and training habits. As a result of these variances, the question has been raised as to how valid testing results are for different modalities in various athletic populations. Therefore, the purpose of the research project will be to determine the validity of two VO2max testing modalities (treadmill and cycle ergometer) in swimming, running, and cycling populations. The main question this project aims to answer is which modality will provide a better measure of VO2max for swimmers based on the differences between a whole body workout (treadmill) and a region specific workout (cycling). Fifteen healthy, untrained, college-aged participants with experience in running, cycling or swimming took part in the study. Participants were randomized and completed two VO2max tests (treadmill and cycle ergometer) on separate occasions. Results from individual participants testing will be analyzed to determine differences between modalities. Participants will be grouped by history of running, cycling or swimming and then results will be analyzed to determine significant differences between groups. Results from testing are forthcoming.