Recognition and Management of Lisfranc Midfoot Injuries

Student Author(s)

Tyler Cronin

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Kirk Brumels

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Although encompassing a very small area of bony and ligamentous anatomy, Lisfranc injuries can be very detrimental to those who experience them. These injuries often vary from simple Grade I sprains to more serious fracture-dislocations, and given the fact that they are not commonly seen by medical professionals, there is a high risk for misdiagnosis and mismanagement. Practitioners should be cognizant of the mechanisms contributing to these injuries, as well as the associated signs and symptoms that may appear during a clinical examination. The purpose of this case study on Lisfranc pathologies is to ensure that all medical professionals are aware of the main symptoms and chief complaints exhibited by patients, to outline proper diagnostic techniques, as well as proper management strategies to facilitate appropriate clinical practice.

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