Distal Radial Fractures

Student Author(s)

Austin Brown

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Kirk Brumels

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The distal radius is the most common fracture site in the upper extremity. Because the distal end of the radius comprises roughly 80% of the articular surface of the wrist, proper diagnosis and treatment of distal radial fractures is essential in order to maintain proper function. Unfortunately, there is very little high-level evidence available for practitioners in current literature to guide treatment. Due to the intricacy of the involved structures, the variation of fracture classification models, and the lack of high-level evidence from research, there is a high potential for mismanagement. The purpose of this project was to present a case study of a distal radial fracture and use it to evaluate different fracture classification models, overview the diagnostic process, and outline treatment options and prognosis of those treatments in order to guide future clinical practice.

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