The Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance at Hope College is an annual opportunity for student-faculty collaboration. Students complete research projects under the guidance of a faculty member, which is then presented at the Celebration. For more information, please visit the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance website.

Note: Posters are only available for download when they have been approved by faculty mentors and provided by students. If a poster is not present in the repository it will not be available.




Program Booklet: 13th Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance, Hope College

Conference Proceedings


Hope College Abstracts: 13th Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance, Hope College



Acoustic and Perceptual Variation Across Hindi, Spanish, American English, and German Vowels, Danielle Meyer and Alejandra Guzmán

A Humeral Head Stress Fracture in a Young Active Female, Cara Conrad

A Little Birdie Told Me: Researching Twitter’s Effect on Formal and Informal Writing Among College Students , Allison Barnes

Analysis of 13Be Created by a Charge Exchange Reaction, Braden Marks

Analysis of Thin Semiconducting Films’ Thickness and Stoichiometry, Zachary Diener and Matthew Weiss

An Analysis of the Association of Ethnicity and Religion Among the Holland Middle School Student Population in 2005, Haley Lynch

An Examination of Teacher Candidates’ Beliefs, Assumptions and Attitudes on the Use of Digital Technologies for Writing in Elementary Classroom Settings, Zachary Adams

An Organizational Approach to Platform Fundraising, Ryan Campbell


Area and Capacitance Characterization of Nickel, Cobalt, and Nickel-Cobalt Electrodeposited Thin Films, Matthew Gira

Are Rising Healthcare Costs in Ohio a Direct Result of Increasing Litigation Rates?, Catherine Martin

A Study of Effectiveness of a Five-Week Wii Fit Yoga Training Program on Flexibility and Balance in College-Aged Females., Jessica Christie, Shawn Jackson, and Jocelyn Sloan

A Study of the Relationship Between Community Factors and Childhood Obesity in the United States, Caitlin Schwark

As You Like It Properties Design , Angelica Kurtz

“Bad Girls” in the Bible and The Social Network , Kelcee Sykes

Becoming Citizens: The British Women's Suffrage Movement, 1918-1928 , Madalyn Northuis

Between Two Eras: Arresting God in Kathmandu and the Search for a Modern Nepalese Identity , Nicholas Kwilinski

Building Recognition on Android, Brant Bechtel, Kevin Hartsfeld, and Alek Szilagyi


Can People Infer the Valence of a News Message Based on the Delay Before the Sender Shares It?, Ryan Campbell, Elizabeth Eader, and Sarah Schuiling


Carbon-Carbon Single Bond Activation for Nucleophilic Addition to Michael Acceptors, Catherine Calyore, Janelle Kirsch, Erik Phipps, and Jeffery B. Johnson

CASA Tutors’ Perceptions of an After School Academic Program, MacKenzie Brady and Alexandria Klomparens

Case Study: The Performance and Attitude of Secondary Students in an Integrated Math and Science Watershed Academy Curriculum, Michael Henriksen and Ryan Reason


Changing Methods, Changing Libraries: Making Digital Literacy Accessible for Undergraduate Researchers, Taylor Rebhan


Christian Model of Mental Health Care for South Korean Youth, In Hyuk Hwang

Clothed and in Their Right Minds: A Study of the Salvation Army's Developing Social Work, 1865-1890 , Alex Mouw


Community Involvement, Culture and Happiness, Haley Donahue, Christy Miller, and Lydia Wathen

Comparison of Complications Post Femoral Sheath Removal between Intra-Arterial Devices and Traditional Compression Methods for Patients Following Peripheral Vascular Intervention, Heather Englert

Comparison of Outcomes in Patients with Femoral Arteriotomy with or without Post-Procedural Anticoagulants, Michael Blok


Comprehensive Dune Study Unit Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, Sasha Balcazar and Katelyn Dickerson

Compression Garments and Performance, Daniel Hursh, Jesse Richards, and Michael Rosso


Compton Scattering Cross Sections in Strong Magnetic Fields: Advances for Neutron Star Applications, Jesse Ickes, Matthew Eiles, Matthew Baring, and Zorawar Wadiasingh

Construction of a Cosmic-Ray Veto Shield for the Summing Na(Tl) Detector, Jaclyn Brett

Contemporary Translation: A Re-Authorship , Brandon Verna

Cross Species Comparison of Fer kinase Regulated Gene Expression in Vertebrates (C. elegans) and Invertebrates (Zebrafish and Humans), Matthew Harder

Cultural Exchange: The Story of William Angus and His Poetry , Eric Dawson

Cultural Storytelling and Life Satisfaction: Storytelling Practices in American, Japanese, and Slovakian College Students, Sarah Manke


Deformation of 2024-T3 Aluminum at High Strain Rates, Chris Seto


Design and Simulation of Tetrahedral Robotics, Korey Cook and Joshua Swett

Destruction and the Thirty Years’ War: Impact and Influence on Europe in Historiography , Jonathan Tilden

Determining Effectiveness of a Discipline Model: Does the Chip System Work?, Alison Chatten

Differential PIXE Analysis of Acrylic Samples to Parameterize Bremmstrahlung Backgound, Jarrhett Butler

Differential PIXE of Multi-layered Auto Paint, Christina Sarosiek

Discovery and Optimization of Nickel-Mediated and Rhodium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions, Joseph Dennis

Distal Radial Fractures, Austin Brown

Does Meaning Affirmation Reduce Defensiveness? The Role of Recalling Cherished Relationships., Felicia Mata, Joshua Stafford, Kelvin Peprah, Sabrina Hakim, and Lauren Wade


Do Standards Matter? A Priori Standards, Partner Perceptions, and Relationship Evaluation, Lauren Girard, Sarah Peterson, Demeiza Alfonso, and Lily Hanrath


Do Students in Upward Bound have an Increase in Grade Point Average?, Grace Wiesner


Do Unique Mate Preferences Matter? Comparing the Predictive Validity of Individual Versus Consensual Standards for a Romantic Partner, Kara Dunn, Nicole Hames, and Ivy Keen

Dr. John A. Otte: A Study in Christian Cross-Cultural Mission Methods in China , Rebekah Llorens


Effective Childrearing of Young School-Aged Children: Evidence from College Enrolled Mothers, Kaitlyn Chiazza


Effects of a Four-Week Stand Up Paddleboard Program on Static Balance in College Students, Austin Elling, Joshua Kranz, Anna Leikert, and Thomas Tresh

Effects of a Six-Week Static Stretching Program on 40-yard Dash Time, Power, and Flexibility in Collegiate Level Lacrosse Players, Emmanuel Pagkanlungan, Sutton Williams, Michael Schofield, Courtney Earles, and Patrick Bloemendaal

Effects of Kinesiology Taping on Static and Dynamic Ankle Balance in Individuals Aged 18-22, Tyler Cronin

Electrodeposition and Dealloying of Nickel-Cobalt Thin Films, Benjamin Peecher

Encapsulation of an Antimicrobial Drug in Biodegradable Nanoparticles, Katherine VanDenburgh, Vankatareddy Nadithe, Qian Lin, and Shiv Sharma

Endophytic Response to Methyl Jasmonate and Loline Quantification, Alexander Swain

Eternity’s Nail of Subjectivity: Subjectivity, Ethics, and God in Kierkegaard and Beauvoir , Chikara Saito

Evaluation of Gender and Health Literacy, Deborah Working


Examining the Interactive Effects of Group Status and Perceived Morality on Personality Judgments, Sabrina Hakim, Joshua Stafford, Paige Garwood, and Abigail Bohler

Facebook: Friend or Foe for Self-Esteem and Happiness?, Ashley Fraley, Gloria Holder, and Allison Vanderveld


Family Matters: The Impact of Culture on Family Interactions, and of Family Interaction on Peer Relations, Kathryn Acker and Katherine Pitchford

Feasibility of Surface Stimulation to Alleviate Phantom Limb Pain, Julia Slopsema, John Boss, Lane Heyboer, and Carson Tobias


Feeding the World: A Continuing Tragedy, Natasha Bernal, Reginald Daniels, and Michelle Roeschlein

Finding Functions for Unfamiliar Phage Genes, Gloria Chang, Kylie Jacobs, and Wessel van den Bergh


Finding the Link Between Discipleship and Discipline: Does a student’s identity as a Christian impact their academic standing, social activities, and other various aspects of their college career?, Ellee Banaszak and Valentina Shabi


From Within and Without the Wall of Troy: A Discussion of War and Domesticity in The Iliad, Andrea Antenan

“God Making His Appeal through Us”: The Theology of Reconciliation in the Church’s Practice , Andrew Peecher

Herbivore Response to Naturalized Tall Fescue and Its Endophytic Fungus, Alexandria Clark

Hitting the High Notes: The Effects of Expiratory Muscle Strength Training on Lung Function and Musical Performance in Collegiate Wind Instrumentalists, Miranda Orlando, Megan Skinner, Julia Slesinski, Jessica St. Clair, and Natalie Woodberry

Holland Symphony Past & Present: Analysis of the Administration of This Semi-Professional Orchestra and Its Vital Role in the Community , Larissa Fall

Home-Built Single-Molecule Florescence Spectroscopy, Andrew Cutshall, Christopher Davis, Timothy Hoffman, and Derek Summers


"Hoobla-Hoobla-Hoobla-How": Sound and Meaning in the Poetry of Wallace Stevens, Kara Robart

How (Not?) to Make Diaminoacenaphthylene for Use in Preparing Carbonyl-Substituted Photochromes, Kathryn Lindberg, Luke Peterson, Amber Prins, and Douglas Yarbrough

Identification of Trafficking Motifs in the C-terminus of the Cystine/Glutamate Exchanger, System xc-, Nicole Ladd, Elizabeth Unterbrink, Anne Georges, and Sara Lang

Identification of Trafficking Proteins that Interact with the C-terminus of System xc-, Elizabeth Unterbrink


Identifying the Cytotoxic Effects of Mycobacteriophage Genes, Drew Krumm, Andrew Neevel, Danielle Goodman, Megan Ludwig, Joseph Stukey, Virginia McDonough, and Virginia McDonough

Imagine: Living on Less than $2 a Day...How Can Education Help Eradicate Poverty?, Katelyn Kiner, Minh Ngo, and Wesley Wright

Impacts of Acceptance and Reappraisal Training on Physiology, and Self-Reported Emotions, Mental Health, and Flourishing, Sydney Timmer and Katrina Cuison

Indigenous vs. Modern Medicine: At Odds or in Harmony? , Rachel Butts


Influence of Self-Reported Standards on Romantic Mate Choice, Raquel Mendizabal, Kara Dunn, Jordan Tejchma, and Alison VanLoon


“Instrumentos”: Perspectives of the Study of Literature as a Tool in Multicultural Education for the Mapuche Communities of Southern Chile , Laura VanOss


Integration Before Integration: How World War II Exploded Diversity in Baseball, G. Bill Getschman

Inter-Rater Reliability of the Vascular Access Assessment and Device Selection (VAADS) Tool, Eric Vachon


Investigating The Decarbonylation of Cyclic Imides Using a Nickel Catalyst, Sarah Fodor

Investigation of the Substrate Specificity of Farnesyltransferase and Geranylgeranyltransferase-I, Matt Ringel

Is Love God?: Kierkegaard and the Catholic Tradition on God and Human Love , Chikara Saito

Isolation of 32 Mycobacteriophages and Genomic Analysis of the Novel Mycobacteriophage, Minnie, Ellee Banaszak, Molly Bogolin, Jacob Bordeaux, Mara Bottomley, Katrina Bulthuis, Justin Collins, Mark Cunningham, Serena Harris, Kimberly Hodgson, Jean Klochko-Bull, Jacob Knol, David Lunderberg, Brenden Merriman, Erica Nurenberg, Christian Otteman, Alison Rhodes, Hope Stamas, Laura Teal, and Maria Eguiluz

Isolation of 32 Mycobacteriophages and Genomic Analysis of the Novel Mycobacteriophage, Roscoe, Cindy Alexander, Kimberly DeGlopper, Stanna Dorn, Elizabeth Ensink, Christopher Gager, Robert Henry, Aleksandra Masiak, Richard May, Samantha Moffat, Claire Schaar, Lauren Sellers, Kathryn Trentadue, and Carl Deeg


It's a Girl-Could Be a Death Sentence, Xiaoyu Fang, Hayley Schultz, and Reinie Thomas

“It’s Just a Bruise…Right?” Identification, Management, and Treatment of Osseous Contusions, Alexandra Hoyt


Judging Books by their Covers: How Cover Design Influences Our Perception of Books and their Audience, Erika Schlenker


Just Care: Healthcare on the Margins, Erick W. Skaff, Jacob B. Boersma, and Lauren Gentry


Knee Internal Derangement in a 19-Year-Old Collegiate Football Player: A Case Study, Colin Drinkard


Lighting "As You Like It", Aaron Haecker

Location and the Evolution of Ideology and Aesthetics in Post-Second Wave American Black Metal , Carsten Forester


Long Term Trends of Size Distribution for Eastern Hemlock in West Michigan Dune Forests, Andrew Gomez-Seoane and Eric Hederstedt

Long Thoracic Nerve Palsy in a 21-year-old, Collegiate Softball Player: A Case Study, Rachel Slotman

Louis XIV: The Two-Part Monarch , Katelyn Kiner


Love, Hope, and Listening: An Oral History of LGBTQ Topics and Responses at Hope College, Katherine Sauer