The 1745 Scottish Rebellion—Interpreting the Reality of a Romanticized Rebellion

Student Author(s)

Victoria Henry

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Janis Gibbs

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The remembrance of battles throughout history is often left to the devices of the winner of the war. In many instances the history is skewed or romanticized to amplify the accomplishments of the winning party or to create a woeful story of the defeated. During the 1745 Scottish Rebellion, the English defeated the Scottish at the final battle of Culloden. This battle has been romanticized over time through various media and propaganda and has created an image that is skewed into a version that is not a historically accurate representation of the battle. My research shows various types of media and propaganda that support this romanticized view over time. Particular attention to current propaganda and media shows the misinterpreted reality of the rebellion. Such current propaganda includes films, paintings, press coverage of monarchial attention to the highlands, poetry, and even novels. It is through the interpretation of the Scottish rebellion by these forms of media and propaganda that the truth of the rebellion has been masked behind the romanticized description, which has become the reality.

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