Nickel Mediated Decarbonylative Cross Coupling of Cyclic Imides and Diorganozinc Reagents

Student Author(s)

Thomas Endean

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Jeffery Johnson

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Recent studies have demonstrated a nickel-mediated decarbonylative cross coupling of cyclic imides with diorganozinc reagents. This process proceeds using stoichiometric Ni0 in the presence of bipyridine. Decarbonylation and subsequent alkylation by diethyl zinc has been demonstrated in good yield on a range of N-substituted phthalimides. In order to further investigate the electronics of the reaction 3 and 4 substituted phthalimides were synthesized. The resulting imides were subjected to the parent reaction conditions and the constitutional isomers were analyzed through GC and NOESY NMR.

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