Evaluation of the Antibacterial Properties of a Newly Developed Liquid Soap

Student Author(s)

Kayla Howard

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Vicki Isola

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A great deal of evidence suggests that widespread use of antibacterial soap containing triclosan may be harmful to humans and the environment. Thus, the development of new soaps not containing triclosan with antibacterial properties would be of interest. We compared a novel soap, Old Post Road, to Meijer Antibacterial, Soft Soap, and hand sanitizer in several different assays for antibacterial properties. In all cases, the soap containing triclosan was more effective at killing a wide range of bacteria. Old Post was at least as effective as Soft Soap, and more effective than hand sanitizer in the assays we performed. Evidence suggesting that Old Post Road soap may have activity against Mycobacteria species warrants further investigation.

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