Over the Border: What are the Myths, Misconceptions, and Controversies Surrounding U.S.-Mexico Illegal Immigration?

Student Author(s)

Jordan Hill

Faculty Mentor(s)

Professor Wayne Brouwer; Professor Charles Green; Professor Amy Otis – De Grau; Professor Yolanda Vega; Professor John Yelding

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In recent years, the issue of immigration between the United States and Mexico has been a political hot topic. While many people have strong opinions about this matter, not many understand the issue as a whole, which has led to many different myths and controversies. Our research aims to dispel these misconceptions and look at the truth behind the issue. We focus on multiple topics, such as the current legal immigration system, reasons for illegal immigration, and the prejudice faced by both legal and illegal immigrants and their descendants. Our presentation also features the story of an individual we interviewed who immigrated illegally into the states and has since become a legal citizen. Two of our group members also traveled to the U.S.-Mexico border on a Hope College immersion trip, learning about the issue of immigration first-hand.

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