The Dream Act

Student Author(s)

Jocabed Garduño

Faculty Mentor(s)

Professor Wayne Brouwer; Professor Charles Green; Professor Amy Otis – De Grau; Professor Yolanda Vega; Professor John Yelding

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Is the “American dream” really possible for everyone? Valedictorian of his class, Rishi was a high-school senior with an interest in studying medicine. He had moved to the United States eight years prior with his parents. Due to his legal status, college did not seem possible because there was no way for him to receive financial aid. Rishi’s story is just one of many. The Dream Act is a bill that would allow people brought to the U.S. as children to pursue education, or enlist in the military, as a means of working toward permanent legal residency. Our research focused on the benefits of the Dream Act for young people here without documentation, as well as the arguments for and against the legislation. Some people strongly believe that this bill should not be passed, while others only pray that it does. What is your opinion?

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