What If You Were One Out of 404,151?

Student Author(s)

Briana Armand

Faculty Mentor(s)

Professor Wayne Brouwer; Professor Charles Green; Professor Amy Otis-DeGrau; Professor Yolanda Vega; Professor John Yelding

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The Chicago public school system (CPS) is the third-largest school system in the United States, but CPS has received a lot of national scrutiny recently. Research shows that the large number of selective enrollment high schools is a strength of CPS. They offer a rigorous curriculum, a large number of Advanced Placement courses, and other pathways to higher education. The weaknesses of the Chicago schools are large class sizes, limited access to arts and music education, a shortage of social workers, an absence of school libraries, and lack of free transportation to and from school. If CPS committed itself to the five essentials for school success identified by the University of Chicago (effective leadership, collaborative teachings, involved families, supportive environment, and ambitious instruction), all of its schools would be more successful and all of its students would receive an excellent education, not just those in the selective enrollment high schools.

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