Campus Christians: A Candid Exposé

Student Author(s)

Lindsay Timmerman

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Kathleen Verduin; Dr. William Pannapacker

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My research juxtaposes analysis of Hope College satires such as The Ranchor, Boos from Hope, and The Millstone with authoritative research on student expression, religious satire, and satire as a genre in order to create an argument that religious satire should be nurtured rather than discouraged here at Hope. While some may feel uncomfortable with the provocative nature of satirical works, it is important to recognize the value in allowing one’s beliefs to be questioned. Religious satire is particularly apt at using humor to bring religious issues to a level where they may be analyzed. As satire scholars Terry Ray Clark and Dustin Griffin note, satire often works to broaden the perspective of the reader. While hypocrisies and damaging stereotypes may be revealed, religious satire also provides an opportunity for personal positions to be defended and beliefs to be solidified.

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