Feminist Perspectives of the Eames Legacy

Student Author(s)

Katelyn Szmurlo

Faculty Mentor(s)

Professor Stephanie Milanowski

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I will expose a feminist cultural perspective of one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. After reading, Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists? by Linda Nochlin, I became concerned with the lack of acknowledgement for women artists and designers, particularly the work of Ray Eames. The partnership of Charles and Ray Eames has been perceived as an equal collaboration of creativity and ideas throughout their work. Their marriage created one of the world's most innovative designs, which conceived the infamous "Eames Lounge Chair", constructed out of molded plywood and distributed to Herman Miller companies. Because they were a husband and wife team in the mid-twentieth century, many feminists and scholars have debated whether Ray Eames' efforts have lacked acknowledgment because of her position as a woman. For my project, I hope to uncloak the truth about the Eames team collaboration. In order to do this, I will begin to introduce Ray Eames’ life before Charles, analyze cultural feminism problems in the art world, and highlight Ray's major contributions to the Eames Legacy.

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