The Leap of Faith: Authentic Greek in the King James Bible

Student Author(s)

Bill Getschman

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Curtis Gruenler

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Until the Harry Potter series, the Holy Bible was the bestselling book since the invention of the printing press. Among the 4.7 billion copies of different translations and variations, why is the King James Version still celebrated as the Book of Books even after 400 years? At the time of the King James’ publication in the 17th century, the English language was being pushed, molded, and compounded in many different directions. It was a malleable hybrid, taking hits, downsizing; borrowing and expanding; receding and maturing into what we know today. The King James Bible managed to transcend Puritan/Bishop relations, it managed to overshadow the most popular bibles of the time and win over the hearts and the language of the country and, in turn, the world. Through verse-by-verse analysis and comparisons with other translations of the Bible, I will prove that the King James Bible best captures the meaning of the original Hebrew and Greek texts with a proper tone of authority that is part of the King James Bible's colossal impact on the English language.

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