Explorations in Surrealism: Myth, the Occult, and Experimental Writing in the Works of Mexican and European Surrealist Women Artists (1930’s to 1960’s): An Analysis of the Life and Works of Tina Modotti, Kati Horna, and Bridget Bate Tichenor

Student Author(s)

Athina Alvarez

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. María Claudia André

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There has been very little scholarly research and writing done in regards to the writings and artwork of female surrealist artists, who were often overshadowed by their male counterparts and contemporaries. With this in mind, a group of six students under the supervision and mentoring of Professor María André have worked together to create a digital archive, which will shed light upon the significant role that these women played in the Surrealist movement in twentieth century Mexico. The objective of this research is to create a digital archive on the lives and works of female Surrealist artists and to examine their contributions to Surrealist art and literature in Europe, the United States, and Mexico. My research began in the summer of 2012 in Paris and Provence, where I researched the lives and works of Tina Modotti, Bridget Bate Tichenor, and Kati Horna. Tina Modotti was an actress, model, and photographer who used the camera as an instrument of inquiry and political communication during the Mexican Revolution. Kati Horna was a Mexican photographer by adoption who produced several political documentary series and whose photography resembled that of a political reporter. Bridget Bate Tichenor was a model, painter, and fashion editor for Vogue Magazine. The archive includes a biography, artistic influences, analysis, and a literary analysis for each artist, which can be viewed online. Each artist’s page also includes an interactive feature, videos, as well as a bibliography of critical sources. A link to the archive can be found at http://faculty.hope.edu/andre/hompage.html.

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