emily d.

Student Author(s)

Lydia Blickley

Faculty Mentor(s)

Professor Steven Iannacone

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emily d., originally choreographed for Steven Iannacone's Dance Composition II class, premiered in the Student Dance Concert on the Knickerbocker stage on December 2nd, 2012. This solo was inspired by a term paper written for William Pannapacker's American Literature I class in the Fall of 2011. Developed as a character study, this piece explores the life of the famed writer and recluse Emily Dickinson. The myths surrounding Emily Dickinson portray a quaint and defenseless creature when, in fact, she was acutely aware of her unparalleled talent. However, she did keep her prolific poetic life private. Wholly unconcerned with societal norms, Dickinson chose to remain tucked away in her Amherst, Massachusetts home where she wrote nearly eighteen hundred poems before her death in 1886. This piece explores her writing's dark sentiments, her societal struggles, and her inner conflict. It is Dickinson and poetry in motion.

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