An Evaluation of the Milk and Medicine Feeding Program: Lusaka, Zambia

Student Author(s)

David Blystra

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Deborah Sturtevant

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The purpose of this research is to evaluate a community-based feeding program in Lusaka, Zambia for AIDS orphans and other undernourished children. Since it was implemented in 2004 by the Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia (CACZ), the Milk and Medicine Program has provided formula, nutritional supplements, medicine and social work support to roughly 400 children in this AIDS-stricken region of the world. The longitudinal nature of the data set has allowed for year-to-year comparisons as well as annual reports of the most recent data collected from each of the five distribution sites. In addition, recent efforts have been made to understand the age-specific efficacy of the program. Our findings illustrate the impact of this program and highlight the need for continued and improved aid in the future. This research provides a statistical understanding of the success of this program and will enable CACZ to adjust and continue their program as necessary in order to fully support these vulnerable children.

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