A Comparison of Acoustic Vowel Spaces in the Hindi and Punjabi Languages

Student Author(s)

Divya Dhaliwal

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Sonja Trent-Brown

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This is an empirical study investigating the vowel space of Hindi and Punjabi speakers residing in Southeast Michigan. The study explores acoustic variation in phonemic production of seven peripheral vowels within Hindi and Punjabi across adult male and female speakers. Since earlier studies primarily focused on articulatory aspects of vowels, there are very few studies focused on acoustic spacing of these two languages. Differences in temporal and spectral acoustic features, such as vowel duration, format frequencies, and other auditory cues are parameters that will be used to measure acoustic variation. Not only will this study increase our knowledge about the comparisons between acoustic parameters of the Hindi and Punjabi languages, but there are various possibilities for applications of this research in the fields of linguistic studies, foreign language studies, and speech pathology.

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