Influence of Gender on Parent-Child Activity Preferences

Student Author(s)

Anthony Bednarz

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Sonja Trent-Brown

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rior research has established a relationship between parents’ activity preferences and the activity preferences of children. However, parents failed to accurately predict the activities that their children preferred. In particular, parents tend to evaluate their children as more active than they actually are. This study collected data on parents and children from the Holland, MI area in order to assess the relationship between parent and child activity preferences. The influence of gender and gender stereotyping on parents’ predictions of child activity preferences and the preferences of children themselves is undeniable. The relationship between parents and children with respect to their activity preferences has a great impact on important issues like childhood obesity and other health-related concerns. Understanding how and why parents interpret their children’s preferences the way they do provides opportunities to re-educate them in how to train their children in healthy, active behavior.

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