Constitutional Implementation and Democracy in Kenya: A Comparison study between Domestic vs. International Sources of Media

Student Author(s)

Caitlin Schwark

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Virginia Beard

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Kenya made huge progress in 2010 when the people voted to pass a new constitution. Key laws in the document, such as the Integrity Bill, could be instrumental in guiding the people of Kenya in voting for their future president (summer 2012) and what that could mean for democracy in the country. Because of the high importance given to this topic in Kenya currently, it is a main focus for various media sources throughout the state. It is also important to note that there has been an international eye kept on the implementation, along with the upcoming election, due to the democratic consequences and the violent outbreak of 2007. This study looks to see how different sources of media, both domestic and international, portray the implementation of the 2010-approved Kenyan Constitution. Do international versus domestic media sources differ in their reporting on the Constitution depending and, if so, what factors cause emerging differences? Furthermore, what are common themes covered across media sources, if any exist, and what do they reveal about Constitutional implementation in an emerging democracy?

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