Effects of Total Body Vibration Training on Postural Control in Collegiate Male Athletes

Student Author(s)

Ryan Walters

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Kevin Cole

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This study aims to determine if various balance exercises performed on the Total Body Vibration (TBV) machine have greater effects on postural control compared to balance exercises performed on the ground. Nine male collegiate soccer athletes (age 19-21) were randomly assigned to three different groups: total body vibration training (TBVT), ground training group (GT), or control group (CG). Before the training, the subjects completed a pre-test on the Force Plate measuring path length and area of their sway from center of gravity. During the study period, the TBVT and GT groups training both consisted of two different balance exercises with four variations to the exercises. The balance exercises increased in difficulty each week with the addition of catching a tennis ball during eyes open balance exercises and rotating their head left to right during the eyes closed balance exercises. We will analyze the data from the Force Plate readings after the four weeks of training to find significant data between the TBVT group and the GT group.

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