The JanDY Online Survey System

Student Author(s)

Nicholas DeJongh

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Ryan McFall

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The JanDY Survey System is a continuation of an ongoing project started by Dr. McFall. This project aims at enhancing the capabilities of the existing online survey system used at Hope College. Over the course of the summer, the existing creation wizard was edited and improved, allowing the survey creator a wide range of possibilities. The survey display was also enhanced with a whole new layout including the relocation of the next and previous buttons, the addition of progress bars, the displaying of survey and page titles, and a number of refinements. Extensive work was done to test survey interactions. This test broke down into load testing and navigation testing. Load testing involved simulating hundreds and thousands of users loading, taking, or submitting a survey at once. Navigation testing involved automating a user taking a survey and making sure that the proper pages were displayed, that the correct information was displayed on each page, and that the pages were displayed in the correct order. Work on this project continued into the school year where new features started to be added to system while parts already implemented were improved.

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