Versailles et Louis XIV

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Dr. Brigitte Hamon-Porter, Hope College

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The chateau at Versailles during the reign of Louis XIV plays a profoundly important part in the history of France. Physical factors of the chateau itself, the governmental changes that were implemented by Louis XIV to his court at Versailles, as well as the financial consequences of the chateau’s construction had many diverse effects on all areas of French life. This research focuses on the causal relationships surrounding the chateau at Versailles during the reign of Louis XIV by explaining the symbolic stylistic elements of the chateau, including the “architecture du prince”. This research will also look at how the drastic governmental changes imposed by Louis XIV during his reign at Versailles created an even stronger absolute monarchy, as well as how the overabundant frivolity of Louis XIV, as seen through the chateau at Versailles, contributed greatly to France’s massive debt that followed the death of Louis XIV.

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