The JanDY Online Survey System

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Dr. Ryan McFall, Hope College

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The JanDY Survey System is a continuation of an ongoing project started by Dr. McFall. This project aims at enhancing the capabilities of the existing online survey system used at Hope College. Over the course of the summer the existing creation wizard was edited and improved, allowing the survey creator a wide range of possibilities. These include strict survey start and end dates, the option for different types of user authentication, and the option for survey anonymity. The actual ability to display and take a survey was implemented where users can expect to see anything from multiple choice to short answer response questions. The ability to save a survey’s data was also added so that incomplete surveys can be resumed at a later date or multiple responses can be supplied by the same person. A reporting system was also created that allows for professional looking reports to be auto-generated for the viewing of any survey’s results. Work on this project continued into the school year where new features started to be added to system while parts already implemented were improved.


This research was supported by the National Science Foundation under NSF grant No.0851293

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