Myth, the Occult, and Experimental Writing in the Works of Mexican and European Surrealist Women Artists (1930’s to 1960’s)

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Dr. María Claudia André, Hope College

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Our research focuses on the lives and works of Leonora Carrington (England), Remedios Varo (Spain), Alice Rahon (France), and Nahui Olin, Frida Kahlo, (Mexico), examining their significance and impact in the feminine surrealist movement in Europe, Latin America, and the US. In addition to studying the expression of surrealism in their artistic and literary production, the we will pay particular attention to the influence of esoteric traditions and myths in both European and Mexican artists. A portion will be devoted to examining the relationship between art, literature, and creative writing.

Our research will contain an introduction to the surrealist movement (ideology, techniques, styles, and themes), the biographies of each of the artists, a critical analysis of the paintings in relation to the artists’ literary works, an outline of the historical development of the surrealist movement, and information on the major historical and political events of the times. For visuals, it will include maps, photographs, and of course, the art and the literary works of the painters, newspaper clippings, brochures, and other relevant documents pertinent to the times and lives of these notable women.

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