Sleeping at Night Offers Opportunity for Zest and Energy (SNOOZE): Part 2

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Molly Christians, Spectrum Health
Dr. Susan Dunn, Hope College

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Because of noise, lights, and patient care, sleep deprivation in acute care settings can jeopardize improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. Many studies focus on patient sleep in intensive care units but limited research has examined medical-surgical units. The SNOOZE nursing intervention promotes patient preferences in sleep routine, grouping patient care through nurse coordinated care, decreasing noise, and sleep tracking between the hours of 2100 and 0600. As nursing staff implement sleep promoting activities, the purpose of this study was to identify staff perceptions on units implementing the SNOOZE intervention in the areas of teamwork, relationships, satisfaction with quality of care they provide and team behaviors. Martha Roger’s Science of Unitary Human Beings conceptual model was used as a foundation to this study as both the environment and person interact, and change in one will result in change in the other. Nursing staff members were invited to complete a pre- and post-survey. Twenty-seven pre-surveys and twenty-nine post-surveys were completed on two medical-surgical units at a Midwestern hospital in Michigan using a convenience sample. Data was analyzed using SPS statistical software. Significant correlations were found pre- to post-survey; however, no significant differences were found pre- and post-survey. This indicates that the SNOOZE intervention promoted addressing nursing care interventions throughout the night. Limitations include a small convenience sample, less than 50% response rate, limited responses offered on the survey, data collected at one hospital, and unknown validity of survey. Study findings can be used to educate nursing staff on the benefits of the SNOOZE nursing intervention. Future research should increase sample size and focus on night shift nurses.

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