Nickel, Iron, and Copper in Nanoporous Thin Films

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Dr. Jennifer Hampton, Hope College

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There has been success in using platinum to create nanoporous thin films that have interesting catalytic behavior. This project explores using less costly metals to create materials with similar properties. In this project two kinds of thin films were studied, NiFe and NiFeCu. The films were electrodeposited using controlled potential electrolysis (CPE). The copper was removed from the NiFeCu samples using CPE in an attempt to create a nanoporous structure within the thin film. The samples were characterized using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with attached energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) software. The structure and composition of the films before and after copper removal was compared.


This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under NSF-RUI Grant No. DMR-1104725 and NSF-MRI Grant No. CHE-0959282

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