Counting Cailloux, Multiplying Mambos: An Analysis of Mathematics Education in Cameroonian Primary Schools

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Christiane Magnido, School for International Training

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This research is the result of a four-week study of mathematics education in Cameroonian primary schools. In order to fully understand the topic, the research investigated mathematics curriculum, methods of instruction, the system for teacher preparation, and an evaluation of the community’s perception of mathematics education. Data collection integrated participant observations in two francophone primary schools in Dschang, interviews with primary school teachers, interviews with ministry of education officials, and survey data from teachers and community members in Yaoundé, Ngaoundéré and Dschang. Overall, three conclusions were drawn from the data collected. First, that mathematics is perceived as important by the community and the same sentiment exists within the school environment. Second, that primary level mathematics content and pedagogy is almost identical between public and private schools; the more important factor in the quality of instruction is the individual teacher. Finally, although the idea of in-service training is praised, actual opportunities for teacher education specifically in math are limited.


This research was supported by SIT Study Abroad.

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