Characterization of Tris(5-amino-1,10-phenanthroline) Iron II/III

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Dr. Kenneth Brown, Hope College

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Tris(5-amino-1,10-phenantroline)iron(III/II) was characterized using spectroelectrochemical methods. This is due to the oxidation state change that the electropolymerized film exhibits when supplied with a potential, which causes the polymer film to oscillate between red and yellow. Initial studies took place on ceramic based Pine Pt. electrodes, which led to the discovery of the changing color. For spectroelectrochemical studies, ITO electrodes were used due to their transparency. The first combination of experiments was combining a UV-Vis spectra with Chronoamperometry. One is able to track the color change and absorbance as a function of a series of potentials. The second experiment combined UV-Vis Kinetics and cyclic voltammetry. Single wavelength of light can be tracked and the affects an oscillating potential can be seen in the absorbance. Using this experimental setup the effects of different salt sizes on the absorbance of the polymer film can be looked into. It appears that the absorption may be dependent on the size of the salt and possibly its concentration in solution.

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