Extending the Range of Sequence Recognition of the Hx DNA Binding Unit

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Balaji Babu, Hope College
Dr. Kimberly Brien, Hope College
Dr. Vijay Satam, Hope College
Dr. Moses Lee, Hope College

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Previous work by this group has reported a p-anisylbenzimidazolecarboxamido (Hx) moiety that has been incorporated as a fluorophore in imidazole (I) and pyrrole (P)-containing polyamides. The Hx-core behaves like a two consecutive pyrrole units (P-P) and it targets AT rich sequences. However, Hx-polyamides are not able to target DNA sequences rich in GC base pairs. In an effort to develop fluorescent molecules that are capable of binding GC-containing sequences, analogs of Hx were designed and synthesized. Results from these studies will be presented.

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