The Halo Effect’s Influence on Mate Selection

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Dr. John Lunn, Hope College
Dr. Enrico Manlapig, Hope College

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This research seeks to expand on the findings of Fisman, Iyengar, Kamenica, and Simonson (2006). In a Speed Dating Experiment Fisman et al. (2006) concluded that men do not find women desirable if a woman is perceived as having a higher level of intelligence or ambition than their own. Their conclusion is in line with the social structure theory. However, this research found through the introduction of an interaction variable to the model used by Fisman et al. (2006) that a Halo Effect is present among certain attributes considered during the mate selection process. It can be concluded from this research that a woman’s attractiveness is enhanced by her intelligence and sense of humor, while a man’s attractiveness is enhanced by his sense of humor.

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