Using Regional Data to Correlate Program Effectiveness: Delta Math as a case study: The effects of the Delta Math Response to Intervention program on student achievement

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Dr. Vicki-Lynn Holmes, Hope College

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The purpose of this quantitative study was to determine the effects of the Delta Math Response to Intervention Program on student achievement as defined by mathematics scores on the State (MEAP) assessments. Previous to this study, only anecdotal data existed to support the success of Delta Math, a standards based (both the Common Core State Standards and Michigan's Grade Level Content Expectations) program that provides schools with tools to identify individual learning gaps and protocols for responding to targeted student needs. Data from 65,697 K-8 grade students from 265 schools in 29 Michigan counties was analyzed to ascertain the overall effect of Delta Math Readiness Standards on math MEAP scores as well as grade level effect sizes. The study found that there was a large, positive, correlation between success in Delta Math and success on the math MEAP; and that Delta Math has a greater impact on MEAP performance for Grades 3-6. An overview of the Delta math program is also discussed.


This research was supported by the Michigan Department of Education Regional Data Initiative and Howard Hughes Medical Institute

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