Sex-Trafficking As a Form of Slavery Today

Faculty Mentor(s)

Anna Bonnema, Hope College
Dr. Wayne Brouwer, Hope College
Dr. Charles Green, Hope College
Amy Otis-DeGrau, Hope College
Yolanda Vega, Hope College
Professor John Yelding, Hope College

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Sex-Trafficking is the most common form of modern day slavery. It is the fastest-growing business of organized crime, and the third largest criminal enterprise in the world. It is a global issue, functioning both domestically and internationally. The vast majority of those trafficked are women and children who are vulnerable due to economic and social disadvantages. Sex-trafficking businesses are becoming more and more organized and violent. Once trafficked, victims are subject to both physical and emotional abuse. They are often beaten into submission, drugged, or raped repeatedly in order to make them more compliant. Being almost entirely undercover, sex-trafficking is a crime that is difficult to find or prove. Recognizing that slavery exists in this form is the first step in solving the issue. People who want to fight sex-trafficking should educate themselves, join anti-trafficking organizations, purchase fair-trade products, raise funds, and support rehabilitation services for those coming out of trafficking.

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