What Makes Successful Independent Living for Individuals with Disabilities?

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Dr. Jane Finn, Hope College

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The Friendship House is a living establishment located at a seminary campus which students without disabilities live alongside people with cognitive impairments. An assessment instrument for indentifying and planning for the comprehensive needs for individuals with disabilities called the Transition Planning Inventory (TPI) was given to (a) roommates without disabilities (b) roommates with cognitive impairments, and (c) parents of the roommates with cognitive impairments. Descriptive statistics were calculated in the areas of employment, further education/training, daily living, leisure activities, community participation, health, self determination, communication, and interpersonal relationships. Also, Pearson correlations coefficient assessed the degree that the quantitative variables are linearly related. The results gleaned from this research will help determine and identify critical transition planning areas for the roommates with disabilities.

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