ACL Reconstruction and Posterolateral Corner Repair of the Knee

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Kirk Brumels, Hope College
Professor Margaret Frens, Hope College
Professor Tonia Gruppen, Hope College
Professor Brian Dykhuizen, Hope College

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This case focuses on a Division III soccer player who suffered an injury to his left knee during the beginning of the Fall 2011 season. After meeting with different orthopedic surgeons it was determined that there were several structures that were torn or needed repair. The structures included were the anterior cruciate ligament, a commonly injured structure of the knee, as well as the lateral collateral ligament, the posterolateral capsule of the knee, and the bicep femoris tendon. The latter structures are not commonly injured and are what makes this case very unique. The athlete underwent a surgery to reconstruct the ACL and repair the remaining structures. Rehabilitation is currently underway and is progressing well. This presentation will include the relevant anatomy, mechanism of injury, surgical intervention, and rehabilitation that was completed.

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