Patient Satisfaction Initiative: Phase II, Bedside Hand-off Report

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Susan Dunn, Hope College
Marcy Achterhof, Holland Hospital

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Patient satisfaction scores in a nationally recognized Midwestern hospital’s Emergency Department are receiving attention from leadership and staff. This department strives to achieve higher patient satisfaction scores by transitioning hand-off report from the nurse’s station to the bedside. The purpose of this descriptive study was to analyze the influence of bedside report on patient satisfaction in the Emergency Department. A one-month pilot study, comprised of patients cared for by three nurses and their report with oncoming nurses was conducted. Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring provided a foundation for the interviews of patient’s perceptions. A questionnaire was given to the patients whose nurses participated in bedside report. The questionnaire was both qualitative and quantitative in nature. A category scheme was developed to organize qualitative data into themes. Quantitative data was analyzed with SPSS 17.0 Statistical Software®, with a p-value set at greater than .05 for all tests. Results and conclusions are pending. Data collection from only one department and one hospital is a limitation for this project. A small sample size prohibits the generalization of results to other hospitals. These findings could provide nurses with a report technique that will better satisfy the patient. Future research could focus on the difference in patient satisfaction scores while using different methods of bedside report.

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