Student Needs and Expectations of Services Offered at a College Health Center

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Carolyn Mossing, Hope College
Dr. Nancy Barnum, Hope College

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College health services provide basic care addressing students’ physical and mental health needs. Many college students however are unaware of the health resources that their college provides through a health center. The purpose of this study is to determine the perceptions and knowledge of college students regarding the care being delivered at one college health center. The nursing framework that has shaped this study is Dorothea Orem's Self-Care Theory, which emphasizes the importance of helping patients regain normal state of health so that they can meet their own self care needs. This study is a non-experimental, cross sectional, needs assessment that will be evaluated through the means of a survey, which will be sent out to all students 3249 via email. The survey includes questions about demographics, use of the health center, knowledge about the health center, self health behaviors, health educational needs, and interest in health education. Descriptive statistics, frequency, central tendency, variability, cross-tabulations, and correlation will be performed using SPSS. Results and conclusions are pending. Limitations of this study will be a possible response bias by students who choose to respond to the survey and data will only be collected from one school. A future implication for this study is the improved nursing care that the college health center will be able to deliver to students.

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