Engaging Students in Nuclear Physics Science Camp

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Catherine Mader, Hope College
Dr. Paul DeYoung, Hope College
Tod Gugino, Hope College

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Getting students interested in the sciences is a difficult task that all teachers face. Hope College Summer Science Camps aim to do just this by providing interesting topics to engage students of all ages with the hope that they become excited about science and school in general. In order to enthuse high school students about Physics as a possible career option, a Nuclear Physics Science Camp is in the process of being created. This will allow high school students to learn the ins and outs of nuclear physics in a fun and creative way using hands on investigations. They will have the opportunity to use high-end research instruments as a part of their experience, including a particle accelerator and scanning electron microscope. They will also get to work on a lot of the equipment present at Hope including the particle accelerator and the scanning electron microscope. This camp will be implemented in the summer following the 2011-2012 school year.


This material is based on work supported by the Howard Hughes Medial Institute.

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