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Dr. Charles Cusack, Hope College

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Graph Games is a collection of games with the purpose of gathering data from player solutions for solving graph-related problems that are difficult for computers to solve efficiently. The data will be used to solve instances of and improve algorithms for various problems on graphs. We made several important improvements to the Graph Games software. Now every move made by the player, including the timing between moves, is stored. The replay system was also improved so that player solutions can be replayed move by move, in real time, or sped up or slowed down. So that players can more easily understand the game mechanics, we also created playable tutorials and an extensive editor for the tutorials. These enhancements will allow us to conduct player studies to investigate how well humans who have no specific knowledge or training in graph theory can do at solving graph-related problems by playing our games.


This work was supported by the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates Program grant No. 0851293.