The Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance at Hope College is an annual opportunity for student-faculty collaboration. Students complete research projects under the guidance of a faculty member, which is then presented at the Celebration. For more information, please visit the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance website.

Note: Posters are only available for download when they have been approved by faculty mentors and provided by students. If a poster is not present in the repository it will not be available.




Hope College Abstracts: 11th Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance, Hope College


Predicting Insect Development in Changing Climates: Bean Beetle (Callosobruchus maculatus) Phenology Modeling, Joseph Adamson

Sediment Fingerprinting of Lake Macatawa using PIXE and SEM/EDS, Kyle Alexander and Lauren Zandstra

Exploring Utopia through Graphic Novels in Les Cités Obcures by Schuiten and Peeters, Athina Alvarez

Tulips as Cultural Emblems in 17th-Century Netherlands, Athina Alvarez

Historical Trace Metal Profile of Lake Michigan Sediment, Dan Anderson, Bailey Bensley, and Dave Nowicki

Herpes Zoster Outbreak in a 20-year-old, Collegiate Volleyball Player: A Case Study, Emilee Anderson

Barefoot Training and its Effects on Balance, Proprioception, and Stability in Adults 65 and Older , Emilee Anderson and Emery Max

Myth, the Occult, and Experimental Writing in the Works of Mexican and European Surrealist Women Artists (1930’s to 1960’s), Tessa Angell and Taylor Whitefield

Does Drinking Chocolate Milk at Half-time Lead to Better Second Half Performance than Gatorade?, Sarah Antrobus, Kristina Bectel, Liisa Mosher, and Megan Sliva

Adaptations of Concept Mapping for Technical System Design, Lauren Aprill

Virginia Woolf’s Exploration of Bipolar Disorder in To the Lighthouse, Elizabeth Badovinac

Dorothy Day: A Countercultural Divine Activist, Anne Baenziger

DVD-Based High Intensity Interval Exercise vs. Moderate Continuous Exercise: Which Type is More Beneficial to Overall Fitness?, Kristine Baldwin, Salome Emmanuel, Zach Jones, and Brittany Schimmel

Student Needs and Expectations of Services Offered at a College Health Center, Cara Bartels

Carbon-carbon Bond Activation: A Kinetic Study of Varying Substrates with Rhodium Catalysis, Casey E. Baxter

Staying Strong: Masculine Attitudes, Drive for Muscles, and Preference for Submissive Mates in Men and Women, Evan Beals and Julia Roehling

Tailoring and Characterizing Surface Properties, Christopher Beaudoin, Alexandra Benson, and Megan Elinski

Why Are Asian Americans a Forgotten Sub-Culture and How Are They a Part of American History?, Haley Beck, Christopher Jones, and Allison Leigon

To Cure the Criminal: The Practice of Institutionalization in Asylum and Penitentiary History, Anthony Bednarz

Synthesis, Characterization, and Directed Assembly of Nanoparticles, Alexandra Benson, Christopher Beaudoin, and Meagan Elinski

Using the Maximum Likelihood Method to find the Optimal Parameters of the Models Describing the Pulsar Population Statistics, Caleb Billman

Fer Kinase is Required for Hematopoietic Development in Zebrafish, Elizabeth Billquist, Jessica Kozack, and Erin Hildebrandt

Effect of Carrier Doping on Nonlinear Distortion of Signals by Superconducting Films, Michael Bischak and Jinu Thomas

Surface Stimulation to Alleviate Phantom Limb Pain, Derek Blok

The Milk and Medicine Program Evaluation: Lusaka, Zambia, David Blystra and Lindsey Boeve

Effects of Creatine on Sprint Time and Body Composition of Division III Baseball Players, Colton Bodrie, Jesse Fazi, Christopher Harwood, and Dane Roach

War Women: The Role of Women in Holland, Michigan during World War II, Hannah Boehme

Palladium-Catalyzed β-Carbon Elimination of Fluorinated Triarylmethanols, James Bour and Jacob Green

Effects of High Intensity Interval Training vs. High Volume Training on VO2max, Power, and Body Composition of College-Age Students, Paul Bowen, Logan Neil, Amanda Norton, and Kylie Padgett

Extending the Range of Sequence Recognition of the Hx DNA Binding Unit, Michael Bowerman and Andrew Mepham

The Period of PURPLE Crying to Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome, Abby Branderhorst

Factors Affecting Kinetics and Equilibrium of Biodiesel Transesterification, Katherine Brune

Examination of the Onset, Rehabilitation and Biomechanics of Cuboid Syndrome in Collegiate Female Basketball Players, Kurt Buchholz

Muscular Activity during a Fly Fishing Cast: Evaluation and Comparison According to Casting Ability and Fly Rod Type, Kurt Buchholz and Katherine Voorhorst

The Effects of Aquatic Insect Nutrient Subsidies on Plant Quality and Insect Herbivore Growth, Hilary Bultman, David Hoekman, Jamin Dreyer, and Claudio Gratton

Uncovered- Choreographic Process for Concert Dance, Ashley Burns

Ralph Vaughan Williams and the English Musical Renaissance: A London Symphony, “Who Wants the English Composer?”, and a New English Music, Katherine Callam

Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction Using an Impulse Plug, Christian Calyore

Reaction Time Differences in Identification of Speaker Gender and Ethnicity, Jacqueline Canonaco, Ryan Tussey, and Chelsea Lynch

Exploring the Relationship between Multi-Segment Foot Kinematics and Plantar Pressure Data in Adolescents with Planus and Cavus Foot Deformities: A Pilot Study , Elena Caruthers

Environmental Enrichment Devices Decrease Feather Picking in Commercially Raised Pekin Ducks, Sarah Colton

The Twist is Here to Stay, Jillian Conner

Preparation of Ferrocene-Based Redox Mediators for Use in Glucose Sensors, Andrew Cook, Zachary Beswick, and Kyle Brubaker

Extending the AMBER Force Field to Describe Fluorescent Probes, Andrew Cook, Arcelia Ortega, Alyssa Stevenson, Derek Summers, Alyssa Cassabaum, Christine Gobrogge, Bryan Leland, David Paul, and Amy Speelman

Fasting Reduces Luteinizing Hormone Secretion in the Pekin Drake, Part II: Localization of and Effects of Fasting on Gonadotropin-Inhibitory Hormone Expression in the Hypothalamus, Erika Coombs, Elizabeth Gerometta, Sarah Colton, Sara Gallemore, and Abigail Lindberg

Categorizing Children’s Books Used in the CASA Program by Reading Levels and Life Skill Themes, Kristen Craig

Real Time Analysis of Protein xCT in System xc-, Cassondra Cramer, Anne Georges, and NaTasha Schiller

Comparison of Local Nonlinearity in Patterned Superconducting Chips Composed of YBCO and TBCCO Materials with Vertical and Slanted Edge Structures, Sean Cratty

Characterization of Tris(5-amino-1,10-phenanthroline) Iron II/III, Rebecca Danforth

Homocysteic Acid and Homocysteine Toxicity as a Model for Schizophrenia, Chris Davis, Guillermo Flores, and Sheri McCormack

Cold Acclimation and Central Administration of Homocysteic Acid in Rats: A Potential Model for Schizophrenia, Christopher Davis, Guillermo Flores, John Kemink, Jacqueline Logan, Mara McMurray, Lauren Reif, Aaron Sayfie, Catherine Strahle, and Alyssa Wagner

"Bridging the Gap: Designing and Implementing a Model Solution for the Holland Community's 'Gap' Homeless Population", Alexandra Day, Katelyn Barry, Stephanie Rogers, and Araksya Mikaelyan

Relationship of Activity Status Prior to Experiencing a Cardiac Event and Levels of State and Trait Hopelessness, Tracy DeKoekkoek

Free-Jet Vibration-Rotation Spectroscopy of Unstable Species, Howard Dobbs

Sentence Figurativeness and Modality Shape the Neural Bases of Language Processing, Ashley Drew, Elizabeth Miller, and Nathan Axdorff

Connecting the Dots: Finding a Unified Theory of Laterality and Modality in Metaphor Comprehension, Erika Dvorak, Jonathan Snavely, and Michael Harper

Exploring the Cytoxicity of Silica Coated Water-Soluble CdSe Nanocrystals, Elly Earlywine and Emily Ross

Emergency Room Use in the Healthy Beginnings Program, Alexandra Egedy, J. Davis Vanderveen, Emily Staley, and Angelina Matthews

Resonant Compton Upscattering in High Field Pulsars and Magnetars, Matthew Eiles

Counting Cailloux, Multiplying Mambos: An Analysis of Mathematics Education in Cameroonian Primary Schools, Rachel Elzinga

Investigation of Regioselectivity in the Nickel-Mediated Decarbonylative Cross-Coupling of Imides with Organozinc Reagents, Thomas Endean

“I Think I Have Shin Splints!” Lower Leg Pathologies in Athletics, Amanda Engbers

Using Plant Macrofossils and Other Paleoenvironmental Indicators to Determine Paleoenvironmental Conditions in an Allegan County, Michigan Bog, Nathan Erber

The Halo Effect’s Influence on Mate Selection, Emily Evans

Twins and Eugenics in the Holocaust, Lauren Ezzo

Lexical class and explicitness as neural modulators of metaphor comprehension, Elizabeth Fast, Audrey Weil, Ashley Drew, and Elizabeth Miller

The Effects of Project-based Learning (PBL) Approach on the Achievement and Efficacy of High School Mathematics: A Longitudinal Study Investigating the Effects of the PBL Approach in Math Education, Anna Filcik, Kristen Bosch, and Nicholas Haugen

Social Correlates with Childhood Obesity, Samuel Fishman, Trevor Lake, Caitlin Roth, Rebekah Taylor, and Jonathan Vanderbeck

Catholic Americanization: The Work of NCWC Community Houses (1919-1921), Emily Fleming and Julie Oosterink

Reading, Writing, and Living the Revolution: Intertextual Conversation in Ginsberg’s “A Supermarket in California”, Kayleigh Forlow

Surface Stimulation to Alleviate Phantom Limb Pain, Johanna Forst

Balance Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis: A Comparison of Conventional Training with Nintendo® Wii Fit Game Play, Lauren Gaines, Kirstin Robinson, and Christopher Schmelz

Procyon , Helen Gay

Fasting Reduces Luteinizing Hormone Secretion in the Pekin Drake, Part I: Localization of and Effects of Fasting on Galanin-Like Peptide Expression in the Hypothalamus, Elizabeth Gerometta, Erika Coombs, Abigail Lindberg, Sarah Colton, and Sara Gallemore

Still America’s Pastime: The Longevity of Baseball in U.S. Culture, George Getschman

Investigating the Cytotoxic Effects of Mycobacteriophage Vix Gene 80, Danielle Goodman

Nickel, Iron, and Copper in Nanoporous Thin Films, Nathan Graber

Sleeping at Night Offers Opportunity for Zest and Energy (SNOOZE): Part 2, Amber Graeser

Novel Pyrrole-derivatized Diamino Polyamides and Their Impact on DNA Sequence Recognition, Matthew Gregory

Modeling the Formation of Sand Ripples: Gone with the Wind, Eric Greve and Jacob Jeffers

The Veto in the United Nations Security Council, Bryce Groshek, Osiris Morel, and Shubham Sapkota

Ab-Protein Sandwich Arrays to Monitor Levels of Dkk1 in Cancer Patients, David Grossens, Tessa Grabinski, and Jacqueline Peacock

The Maintenance of Reproductive Status in Pekin Drakes Requires Both Red and Blue Wavelengths of Light: Relationship to Opsin-Related Proteins in the Hypothalamus, Rachel Haas

Infrared Thermography As A Nondestructive Evaluation Technique For Fiber Composite Bridge Decks, Philip Hallam

Nondestructive Evaluation of FRP Bridge Deck Panels, Phillip Hallam

International Perceptions of Impact of Global Communication, Jasmine Harris and Brittni Nowicki

Oxidative Stress Causes Modifications and Decreased Function of System xc-, Matt Hartwell and Jenna Sutton

Cathodoluminescence of Feldspar Minerals, Kristen Hasbrouck

Using Regional Data to Correlate Program Effectiveness: Delta Math as a case study: The effects of the Delta Math Response to Intervention program on student achievement, Nicholas Haugen

CytoSEED: Software for Viewing and Analyzing Bacterial Metabolic Models, Nicholas Hazekamp and Joshua Kammeraad

Calc-Silicate Enclaves in High-Grade Gneisses from Halland, Southwest Sweden, Dean Hazle, Nathan Erber, and Leah LaBarge

Morphea & Other Non-communicable Skin Conditions, Valerie Headley

Theodore Roosevelt and Americanism, Jeffrey Helm

Two Controversial Swiss Referendums and Their Consequences, Katelyn Hemmeke

The Big Bad Wolf: Is the Image Still Present in the Minds of Michiganders?, Matt Herm

Students on the Move: Obstacles and Opportunities in the Education of Migrant Children, Miriam Hernandez, Regina Sanchez-Gonzalez, and Laura Van Oss

Optimizing the Collegiate Experience of Learning Disabled Students, Ann Hersey, Matthew Hughes, and Lindsay Timmerman

Evaluation of Outcomes of Post Hip-Fracture Patients with Osteoporosis, Elizabeth Higginbotham

Neural Correlates of Implicit and Explicit Metaphors: An ERP Study, Erin Hildebrandt, Amanda Layman, J. Davis Vanderveen, and Audrey Weil