Evaluation of Complications Post Peripheral Vascular Intervention at Site of Femoral Arteriotomy using Manual Pressure with Surface Pad vs. Intra-Arterial Closure Devices

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Dr. Paulette Chaponniere, Hope College

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The site of femoral arteriotomy post peripheral vascular intervention has the potential to develop many complications. In order to prevent complications, such as bleeding, manual pressure is applied by the nurse above the femoral site. The purpose of this study is to determine whether manual pressure with a surface pad or an intra-arterial closure device produces better outcomes post peripheral vascular intervention at the femoral site. Betty Neuman’s Systems Model was selected for this project since the stressors that the client encounters before the peripheral vascular accident, such as co-morbidities or as a result of the peripheral vascular intervention can affect the effectiveness of manual pressure or intra-arterial devices. The project is a descriptive, non-experimental, retrospective study of a convenience sample of 23 patients undergoing a peripheral vascular intervention in a small community hospital in Western Michigan. Data was collected using the ICU/TU/Cath Lab Data Collection Tool which looks at multiple contributions to complications post sheath removal. The results were analyzed using PASW Statistics 17.0 with tests including frequencies, means and correlations. This study found that there was a significant relationship between the use of manual pressure and the occurrence of a post-procedure re-bleed. No other significant relationships were found between the closure method used and the development of complications. The limitations for this study include multiple researchers collecting data at many different times and incomplete documentation of data. This project has the potential to introduce new nursing interventions that may prevent complications post femoral sheath removal. More research may need to be done using a more ethnically diverse sample in order to determine if the results encompass all ethnicities.

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