Can You Hear That?

Faculty Mentor(s)

Professor Alicia Diaz, Hope College
Professor Matthew Thornton, Hope College
Professor Steven Iannacone, Hope College

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Injustice, Suffering, Hope: Native American history is the least celebrated and richest culture of our nation. Can You Hear That was initially inspired by Otto Dix’s racially exaggerated painting, Drawing for Martin Koch (1922). This dance solo confronts stereotypes of Native American peoples and the search for identity and humanity despite the Hollywood films, sports mascots, and years of misrepresentation in U.S. history textbooks. An original track was complied for the piece consisting of several clips ranging from Disney’s Peter Pan (1953) What makes the Red man Red, to stories from Jay Rosenstein’s documentary In Whose Honor and the Native American Heritage Celebration of Michigan’s Native American History in Forgotten Warriors: Company K in the Civil War. This piece was performed in the Fall 2010 Student Dance Concert.

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