An Established Culture in a Vibrant Industry

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Dr. Isolde Anderson, Hope College

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Why should organizational culture matter? What if the culture embedded within an organization actually fabricates success? Could the culture of an organization help avert conflict, or is it the culprit? Many aspects of corporate culture have the ability to create organizational internal themes that many organizations don’t notice or take advantage of. This project examined what cultural aspects within Creative Dining Services help to shape the company, the culture, and its employees to what it is today. I analyzed the following sources: 1) office artifacts, structure and layout, 2) original Creative Dining Services written documents, 3) on site observation, and 4) individual interviews with company employees. Initial observation indicates cultural themes of: 1) a strict emphasis on timeliness, 2) a clash between creative thinking and solidified structure, and 3) a deeply rooted sense of respectfulness towards coworkers and facilities. A clear picture of Creative Dining Services culture can assist small to medium sized, multifaceted corporations in understanding how their unique culture can affect employee training, communication patterns, working conditions and ultimately, company success.

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